Lighting Lamps

Lighting Lamps

Lighting Lamps

LED as a carrier of health lighting is widely used in people's lives, and the harm of light radiation is more and more people's attention. Excessive light radiation can cause harm to the human body. It is mainly manifested in the eyes and skin, such as the photochemical damage of the skin and eyes, the near-ultraviolet damage of eyes, the photochemical damage of retinal blue, the photochemical damage of retinal aphakia, retinal heat and skin damage And so on, and the more vulnerable between the two is the eyes.

Lighting product certification, you need to comply with product safety (Safety), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and energy consumption and IP dust and water level and other relevant laws and regulations. Battery-powered luminaires have no product safety concerns due to the use of only low-voltage direct current. They need only account for EMC requirements. If the power adapter used is a product that has passed the appropriate standard safety certification, the safety considerations Simply, EMC depends on whether the internal circuitry is Oscillator / Clock.

Lighting certification services products

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Lighting certification application standards

LED tube categories:

US regulation: UL8750 + UL1598C + UL1993

European Regulation: EN61347 + EN60598,

Chinese regulations: GB7000, CB: IEC61347 + IEC60598


LED bulb categories:

US regulation: UL8750 + UL1993

European Regulation: EN61347 + EN60598

Chinese regulations: GB7000, CB: IEC61347 + IEC60598


LED lights categories:

US regulation: UL8750 + UL1598

European Regulation: EN61347 + EN6059

Chinese regulations: GB7000, CB: IEC61347 + IEC60598