Wireless and communications products on the market before, manufacturers need to determine the product to meet the appropriate national, regional or international technical specifications. As an independent third-party testing organization, Delaware has a national CNAS accredited laboratory and experienced engineers to help manufacturers ensure that their products comply with all relevant regulatory and technical requirements. We can provide wireless product testing and wireless product certification services for the vast majority of enterprise wireless and communications products.


Wireless communication products:

Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, Mobile Phone, Game Console, Electric Toys, Electronic Clock, Helicopter Helmet, Wireless + Wired Router, Remote Control Airplane, Selfie Camera, Bluetooth Watch, Bluetooth Glasses, Remote Control Toys, Wireless Doorbell, Wireless Voice Device, Wireless LAN Wifi Device , Bluetooth Headsets, RFID, PMRs, ZigBee Devices, Wireless Headsets, Access Control Systems, Wireless Charging, Wireless LAN Devices, etc. Bluetooth Devices, Bluetooth Support Devices, Bluetooth Development Tools Point-to-Point / Point- , Transmitters, receivers, communications systems, relays, base stations, customer ancillary equipment ......

Wireless products, the main test items


RF RF test

Bluetooth test

Energy Absorption Rate Testing

Wi-Fi 802.11a, b, g Certification & Testing

Environmental simulation test, Field trial

National regulatory testing (CE, FCC, IC, EMC, RF, Safety, SAR)

International Mobile Product Certification (TELEC, SRRC, DGT, NNC, MIC ...)



Wireless communication test standard



SRD such as wireless mouse / keyboard / camera, Module etc.

EN 300 220

EN 300 330

EN 300 440

EN 300 422

EN 301 489 series

FCC 15.249 FCC 15.231 FCC 15.108 et

Bluetooth Products (Buletooth's R & TTE Directive, Hopping sys)

EN 300 328

EN 301 489

FCC 15.247

Wireless Network Products WLAN (802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11a / 802.11h)

EN 300 328

EN 300 386

EN 301 489

FCC 15.247 15.249 FCC 22 FCC 24 FCC 68

Two-way radio (Walkie-talkie, Wireless Radio Device)

EN 300 086

EN 300 296

EN 301 489

FCC 90

FCC 95

AS / NZS 4268